Tech & Science Daily| The UAE’s first Mars satellite is zooming towards Red Planet

In July the UAE’s ‘Hope’ probe launched from a Japanese spaceport on a months-long journey from Earth to hunt for life on the Red Planet. Fewer than half of the missions to Mars by numerous countries over the decades have actually succeeded – this is the UAE’s first attempt and it’s happening during a pandemic.

Global greenhouse gas emissions over the last century may have made southern China a “hotspot” for many bat species that host coronaviruses.

Cambridge University scientists say increases in temperature, sunlight and atmospheric carbon dioxide have transformed natural habitat in areas like China’s Yunnan province, potentially making it “hotspot” for many bat species that host coronaviruses.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have been shutdown in Myanmar following a military coup that ousted the democratically-elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

A new civil disobedience page on Facebook had gained nearly 200,000 followers and the support of Burmese celebrities in the days after the coup, while a related hashtag was used millions of times.

Video: Climate change: Earth’s ice melting away at record rate (France 24)

Climate change: Earth’s ice melting away at record rate

  • Bubble warning: Is GameStop frenzy a sign of turbulence to come?Bubble warning: Is GameStop frenzy a sign of turbulence to come?
    It’s one of the most remarkable stock market stories in decades: the GameStop saga. Small investors, using online forums like Reddit, piled into stocks of certain companies, including the video game retailer. The resulting spike in share prices caused billions of dollars in losses for big hedge funds who’d bet against these companies.

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  • a person posing for the cameraAn Amazon in love: Artist Prune Nourry takes aim at life, death and gender imbalance
    Eros and Thanatos – or love and death – are the forces at work in Prune Nourry’s latest installation, as the artist explains how her bow, arrows and target are life-giving or life-sapping, depending on your perspective. The monumental “Erogenous Amazon” is on display at Paris’s Bon Marché department store – which is, ironically, one of the only places where people can peruse artwork while museums and galleries remain shuttered due to Covid-19.

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  • a man sitting in front of a book shelf‘Hitler’s Horses’: How art detective Arthur Brand infiltrated the Nazi underworld
    Dubbed the “Indiana Jones of the art world”, Arthur Brand is perhaps the world’s greatest art detective. He has spent his life tracking down some of the most important stolen masterpieces, from Dalis to Picassos. Brand became famous in 2015 when he recovered two giant bronze statues that were among Adolf Hitler’s favourites. He recounts his fascinating investigation in a new book, “Hitler’s Horses: The Incredible True Story of the Detective who Infiltrated the Nazi Underworld”. He spoke to FRANCE 24’s Valériane Gauthier.

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Fifty years after Nasa astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr made history taking swings with a six-iron across the lunar surface during the 1961 Apollo 14 mission, the real distance of his drives have now been calculated thanks to photographic digitally-enhanced technology.

And, discover how the English language spoken in London transformed from what sounds very Scandinavian and Germanic, from Viking and Saxon influences, into the language we know today.

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