Summer Reading Contest, Week 2: What Got Your Attention in The Times This Week?

Update, July 6: Winners have been announced!

Welcome to 7 days Two of our 13th Yearly Summer Looking at Contest.

This contest is open to students 11-19 from wherever in the world. To take part, post a response by 9 a.m. Japanese on June 24 that answers the concerns “What received your focus in The New York Times this week? Why?”

If you are 13 or more mature and stay in the United States, or 16 or older from any place else in the environment, publish your reaction in the comment section. If you are a trainer, guardian or guardian and your youngsters or students are 11-12 years outdated and stay in the United States, or 11-15 and dwell in one more state, see the base of this write-up for aspects on how to submit.

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